Thursday, September 09, 2004

The betting parlor is now open

Colin Powell has announced that the massacres in Darfur are indeed genocide.

How long will it be before the EU denounces Powell's remarks as 'racist', 'anti Muslim', 'unhelpful' or of a 'different view than that of the EU'?

"Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday the abuses committed by government-supported Arab militias in Sudan qualify as genocide against the black African population in the Darfur region - a determination that should bring pressure to bear on the government to rein them in.

In remarks prepared for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Powell said conclusion was based on interviews conducted with refugees from the Darfur violence as well as other evidence.

We concluded that genocide has been committed in Darfur and that the government of Sudan and the jinjaweed (Arab militias) bear responsibility - and genocide may still be occurring,'' the secretary said in his prepared remarks."

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