Sunday, September 19, 2004

Awards, Decorations and the measure of the man

BunkerMulligan has a good piece on Awards and Decorations-- given to service men and women in recognition for honorable service and achievement.

I have known some real heroes in my life. I have seen people do some heroic things. Not once did any of them think about doing something heroic. They simply did their job as they saw it. Neither have I known anyone to brag about what medals they have, nor about the circumstances that got them the award. Well, perhaps I should clarify that just a bit. Some have told their story in a self-effacing way as if saying, "Boy was I stupid!" And some have told their story as in, "Damn was I scared!" But, for the most part, guys who have done something heroic don't even realize it until the situation is over. They just did what needed to be done.

This is among many reasons why career military men and those who have seen combat have little use for John Kerry. His obsession about his four month tour and his medals identifies him to us as a fake. To us, all his bragging tells us he was the type who looked for a way to get an award, and was even willing to write it up himself. I can't explain how disgusting that is. You just have to have seen it before, and know the personality of people who do such things. We called them Careerists. That is an epithet that has no equal I can think of in civilian life. There is strong emotion in that term because it identifies someone as self-centered, and not a team player. That is not the guy you trust your life to.

BunkerMulligan makes a good point. And he's in a position to know what he's talking about.

We've all faced times in our lives where there things that can be taken at will, or they can be earned.

A while back I wrote a couple of pieces on John Kerry. In one, I discussed what John Kerry could learn from Harry Truman and the working man. In another, I discussed John Kerry's upcoming moral loss.

BunkerMulligan's piece comes from a place that he knows and knows well. Taken all together, Mr. Kerry comes up wanting-- very wanting.

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