Monday, September 27, 2004

As the world turns

The noble Yasir Arafat will intervene on behalf of Iraq hostage, Kenneth Bigley.

"Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has intervened on behalf of Kenneth Bigley, the British engineer held hostage in Iraq since September 16, his brother Paul Bigley said, describing the gesture as "fantastic news."

The story is here.

The Nobel Prize winning statesman, however, may have little credibility.

Taken hostage today was a CNN producer, Riyad Ali, from Gaza City.

Armed Palestinians have kidnapped an Israeli Arab producer for the CNN television network from a car in Gaza City after asking for him by name.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. A CNN correspondent who was in the vehicle with the producer, Riyad Ali, said the gunmen gave no clue why they were taking his colleague away.

"We were going up a main street and a white Peugeot drove in front of us. A young man got out of his car, pulled a gun out of trousers and said..."Which one of you is Riyad," the correspondent, Ben Wedeman said in a CNN broadcast from Gaza on Monday.

"He said, "I am Riyad," and they said, "Get out of the car."

See the story here.

Mr Arafat has not yet said if he will intervene for the safe release of the CNN employee.

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