Monday, September 20, 2004

And now, animal JIhad

I wonder who's next on the list?

Kill scientists, says animal rights chief

Fury as former surgeon calls for selective assassinations

A top adviser to Britain's two most powerful animal rights protest groups aused outrage last night by claiming that the assassination of scientists wo
rking in biomedical research would save millions of animals' lives.

To the fury of groups working with animals, Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon and prominent figure in the anti-vivisection movement, told The Observer: 'I think violence is part of the struggle against oppression. If something bad happens to these people [animal researchers], it will discourage others. It is inevitable that violence will be used in the struggle and that it will be effective.'

It gets better.

Three months ago, he told a US television audience that violence was a 'morally justifiable solution' Earlier this month, he gave a speech in Virginia in which he said: 'It won't ruin our movement if someone gets killed in an animal rights action. It's going to happen sooner or later.'

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