Monday, September 13, 2004

America the Vulnerable

Despite all we've done to date and all the money we've spent, we're still vulnerable to terror attack. It isn't a pretty picture.

I didn't realize how vulnerable we were until I read this article, from Capitalism Magazine.

Today, in spite of the wake-up call on September 11, 2001...Flynn sees an America that has pulled the covers up over its head and fallen asleep. With the nation’s top policy makers focusing on military campaigns overseas and cobbling together measures domestically that are "hardly fit to deter amateur thieves, vandals and hackers, never mind determined terrorists," Flynn argues that we’re "practically defenseless at home," offering our enemies " a vast menu of soft targets"-- chemical plants, energy grids, tunnels, ports, trains, refineries, trucks, pipelines, food and water supplies, bridges, and millions of uninspected cargo containers.

"Anyone who has $3,000 to $5,000 can lease one of the many millions of containers that circulate around the globe," explains Flynn. "They can pack it with up to 65,000 pounds of items, close the door, and lock it with a seal that costs a half-dollar." Right now, calculates Flynn, "the odds stand at about 10 percent that our current targeting and inspection practices would detect a device similar to a Soviet nuclear warhead surrounded by shielding material."

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...where the death or injury toll from a catastrophic disaster could reach from 100,000 to more than one million people. "Just as the 9/11 attackers succeeded in converting domestic commercial aircraft into missiles," writes Flynn, "our enemies do not need to smuggle chemical weapons across our borders."
Read the entire article here.

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