Saturday, September 25, 2004

All over the map

Lately, I've been learning about politics 'down under.'

Inasmuch as Australia and Great Britain are the the only allies that share converging political outlooks and ideologies, their relevance and importance to us cannot be overstated.

It is also true that upcoming elections here and in those countries will have a significant impact on our relations, irrespective of how voters at the polls respond.

For a really good grounding in Australian politics, read Arthur Chrenkoff.

Aussie politics isn't like our own. It is closer in style and substance to the Canadian and European varieties. Canada is our single largest trading partner, with the numbers now well in excess of a billion dollars a day and Australia is our most reliable ally in the region, an economic anchor and powerhouse in the Pacific Rim.

Look for my take in a couple of days.

Wandering Mind

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