Friday, August 20, 2004

Sorry state of affairs in the classroom

Homepun's own Speaking My Mind has an excellent take on the state of Australian education, In a piece entitled "What young people are being taught", Reckers gives us an inside look at how kids see themselves-- and by extension, others.

"Fewer than 55 per cent of young people surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that "Australia is a democratic country".

And only 52 per cent said they had been taught about citizenship at school."

He ought to know the outrage isn't Australia's alone. The same sorry state of affairs is found here and in Canada-- where a recent survey found 40% of Canadian teenagers believe that the US is 'evil'. Why is this important? Because it's no longer enough to simply disagree with policy. Apparently, when rational discussion based on the merits of an argument won't work, the demonization of no only that policy but it those who concur with it becomes an absolute necessity. Policy has to be evil so as to justify one's own views and the imposition of those views on others.
In tis country, The NEA is so concerned about instilling 'value systems' into their student's minds, that they view competency exams for teachers a threat. I mean, is more imortant-- making sure kids come out of school lefties or making sure they can read and write?

Read the whole post here.

I think I'm going to write more on the subject. Thanks Reckers, for getting me thinking.

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