Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Podhoritz in Commentary

World War IV: How it Started, What it Means and Why We Have to Win , by Norman Podhoritz, writing in Commentary

"For today, no less than in those titanic conflicts, we are up against a truly malignant force in radical Islamism and in the states breeding, sheltering, or financing its terrorist armory. This new enemy has already attacked us on our own soil—a feat neither Nazi Germany nor Soviet Russia ever managed to pull off—and openly announces his intention to hit us again, only this time with weapons of infinitely greater and deadlier power than those used on 9/11. His objective is not merely to murder as many of us as possible and to conquer our land. Like the Nazis and Communists before him, he is dedicated to the destruction of everything good for which America stands. It is this, then, that (to paraphrase George W. Bush and a long string of his predecessors, Republican and Democratic alike) we in our turn, no less than the "greatest generation" of the 1940’s and its spiritual progeny of the 1950’s and after, have a responsibility to uphold and are privileged to defend."

Yes, it's a long read, but it's superb. It covers 9/11, Afganistan, Iraq and terror in out times and on our shores. It is simply the best look back at 9/11, Iraq, terror and George Bush's response.

Read it, please.

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