Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Maybe I got right


Maybe I did get it right in my piece,
Anti Americanism, Part Three.

Notwithstanding Syria's terror and WMD arsenal, many in the EU are willing to bring Syria into the fold, irrespective of American and what are democratic interests.
According to the
Media Line,

"Several European Union (EU) officials have expressed renewed hope that a multifaceted agreement with Syria would come to fruition despite insistence by certain countries that it relinquish its weapons of mass

"..The union has stated that U.S. pressure would not affect
its commitment to Syria and the Euromed.""..However, the United Kingdom, Holland, and Germany stalled the process in May, arguing that Syria, believed to possess the Middle East’s largest collection of weapons of mass destruction, must abide by their disarmament demands." "However, nothing has changed on the Syrian side; it is the EU that appears to have softened its stance.

"Apparently, sponsoring terror and being the occupying and heavy handed force in Lebanon can be overlooked-- After all, taking the position that Syria must clean up it's own act is part of the American agenda and as such, is justification enough for the EU to to take a contrary position."Europe and Syria signed what is known as the association agreement in December, which deals with trade, social development, politics, and culture, shortly after the U.S. Senate passed the Syria Accountability Act. The latter is a set of economic sanctions imposed on Syria by the U.S. for support of terrorists and its military presence in neighboring Lebanon."Europe has been pursuing economic ties with Syria to eventually integrate the state into the Euromed (Euro-Mediterranean) trade zone. Thus, the expressions of consent seem to be coming from the wrong corner. After all, Syria
needs friends, not Europe – or so it seems."With U.S. sanctions in force, Iraq crumbling beside it, and intermittent condemnations for human rights, freedom of expression and religion abuses by human-rights groups, Syria is not the West’s most prized ally.""As a result, the EU is looking forother spheres of influence."

"With Syria as its ally, the EU is looking to finalize its economic authority in the region."

Just how important is Syria to the EU economic authority? Well, the rate of GDP growth in Syria is less than that of those other economic powerhouses, Senegal, Peru, Samoa. Sierra Leonne has a rate of growth almost 6 times greater. The good news is that the GDP rate of growth is greater than that of North Korea-- barely.In other words, screw the Americans. The EU will look for influence anywhere it can find it.

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