Thursday, August 19, 2004

Loved To Death: Will Canada's "Universal" Health Care System Come to America?

Ok, I'm on a roll. Here's more on the Canadian Healthcare debacle. Need to lose a little sleep?
Read this article. The piece deals with real issues- and doesn't whitewsh our own system, either.

"The Canadian health care system of single-payer, socialized insurance is in trouble. Now, thanks to the ignorance and cowardice of our politicians, the American system is moving in the same direction."

"Responses to a Canadian survey on their health care crisis provides a significant clue. In this national survey, the majority of Canadians expressed the view that their socialized system, for all its problems, reflects their collective "generosity and compassion," and that the existence of such a system gives them at least one clear claim to being "morally
superior" to the United States.(3)

Imagine! A system which provides -- indeed, even mandates -- pain, suffering, inefficiency and stagnation can somehow be morally superior to a capitalistic system which (when allowed to function without interference) promotes competition, technological superiority, affordability, and respect for the dignity of the human individual.

In other words, it is supposedly better for everyone to have mediocre (or worse) medical care, as is the case in Canada, than it would be for some to have excellent care, some to have very good care, and everyone to have at least adequate care (through voluntary charity, if necessary), as would be the case under a system of laissez-faire (pure) capitalism."

The whole article can be found here.

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