Thursday, August 19, 2004

Interesting article by Ilana Mercer on the state of the Canadian Health Care system. Inasmuch as we are now dealing with the issues of cross border pharmaceutical sales, I suppose more attention will be paid to the Canadian Health Care system. Here's a take on good intentions gone bad.

As health care becomes more of a priority here-- demographics will ensure that-- her view of what went wrong is interesting.

"Medicare is in fact a pit of perverse incentives. It's hard to get kinkier than to make failure tantamount to success. If a hospital consistently underperforms the administration has cause to celebrate. Why? Because it is rewarded with more funds to ostensibly "fix the problem". To underperform is to have your budget increased. With no out-of-pocket payment for the odd slip of the scalpel, the underperformers shoulder little responsibility. The eternally patient or comatose Canadian taxpayer is the one who must pony up for such pooling of risks or insurance. Absent competition, Canadians are trapped in the dilapidated corridors of this national symbol."

The article is a fascinating insight to a system that has progressed to inertia.
Whatever happens, I hope we do better, here.

Read the article here. It's a must read.

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