Sunday, August 22, 2004

Funny pants and sharpshooters

I've come to a sad realization.

Bunker Mulligan must be one lousy golfer. If he could read fairways and greens as well as he reads and deciphers the nuances of our political landscapes, he'd be on TV every Sunday wearing funny pants and playing for the big bucks.

In an excellent piece entitled "Can you Smell the Fear?," Bunker navigates the ethereal obstacles placed before us by an increasingly desperate media. He challenges the hazy logic media uses in the attempt to seperate us, as Americans, from religion, debate and most importantly, the brazen attempt to deny us a voice-- our voice-- at the table of free exchange and ideas. The media are afraid, as Bunker says, because they are losing control of the debate. They are less and less deciding what we read and how we should think. Bunker ends by saying,

"And those who have always been in control of information see that control slipping from their fingers."

He's right. If you read Bunker regularly, you know he takes on the political system itself and the media on a regular basis. BunkerMulligan, much of the blogsphere and Americans everywhere are 'voting with their feet and saying 'Enough!'

Americans, it seems, are a pretty smart people. We have put the media and politicians on notice-- we will not take being force fed from a menu of their choosing.

Much is said about the deline of American influence and the end of the American Empire. Personally, I see just the opposite. While the American Revolution may have been the 'Shot heard 'round the world,' it was only the first. There is a second, more powerful revolution coming, the voice of the people.

Unfiltered,sometimes unrefined, but always free from the influence of politicians and the media, those voices are being heard and considered. People, it would seem, are not as stupid as the media would have you believe. The coming revolution will show the world that once again, the people have a voice.

BunkerMulligan and others are next in the great line of American sharpshooters.

Wandering Mind

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