Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday's are nice.

I just got back from a working lunch (Chinese buffet and yes, I ate too much, and yes, my fortune cookie said I was brilliant, kind, loving and will soon fall into a great fortune) and low and behold, BunkerMulligan, in a piece called "World War IV' and Redhunter, in a piece called "Anti Americanism in Europe", kindly referenced my posts on Anti Americanism.

While I'm grateful to be acknowledged, the real message is in their takes on where we are. Their well written blogs are testaments to a coalescence of thought felt by many Americans.

The fact of the matter is, that all well reasoned belief is a result of an ongoing evoluton. By it's very nature, evolution is adaptation to an understanding of current realities. Those that can adapt will survive and thrive. Those that cannot may survive, but most assuredly, will not thrive.

Another reality of evolution is that is does not take place in a vacuum. We need each other's thoughts, experiences and sense of community. We learn from each other, learn from our collective mistakes as well as individual ones and we even learn from our adversaries, when warranted.

The bottom line is, we evolve into ourselves, in the framework of the community I talked about earlier. I really don't believe that in the end, a true blogger cares about the 'numbers' as much as he cares about being listened to, understood and appreciated. having said that, BunkerMulligan, RedHunter and everybody else on Homespun has really contributed to my ongoing evolution and I suspect, the collective evolution as well.

So my fellow bloggers, take the time to peruse your fellow, no doubt all but myself, 120wpm typing fool bloggers. Agree or disagree, you'll be better for it. As BunkerMulligan says, 'fodder for the brain.'

Lastly, let me remind you that my fortune cookie message was a good one. If you want to share in my upcoming good future, stop by every now and then.

Wandering Mind

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