Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Doing it yourself

In a piece he calls 'Tradition', BunkerMulligan scores a double eagle.

"There is a very revealing scene in Lawrence of Arabia. The Arab
forces, under Lawrence's leadership, have taken Damascas ahead of the British. They own the city, but they now own all the responsibilities of making it work. And they can't. And they won't. Every problem is met with accusations of how some other tribe is responsible for making something operate properly, something required to make something else function. And there is some manual labor involved in many of these functions. Certain tribes are too good to engage in manual labor."

He goes on to make the observation,

"It is a culture built on familial and tribal ties, where negotiation is the order of the day. It seems to be the major sport of the Arab world. The best
negotiator wins."

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Wandering Mind

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