Friday, August 20, 2004

BunkerMulligan and the DiscerningTexan both have really good takes on 'what's in the news'.

Bunker says it short and sweet, right on point, in a piece he's called 'Al Sadr'. It's so short, I won't quote it here. Stroll down the fairway for yourself.
See his post here. By extension, Bunker is asking us how we're going to define ourselves by how we deal with the issues we are facing.

The Discerning Texan has an excellent post on the direction we're taking-- and maybe instead, where we should be going. It's thoughtful reading and in a way, a not so subtle push to look in the mirror and commit in a more than cliched way.

"...Worse, we have a lot of other citizens who are either pretending unconsciously that either 9/11 didn't really happen, or fooling themselves that the Islamists would never really kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us. All we have to do is to love them and give them foreign aid, and pretend that the UN really means something. We have a public that is blissfully unaware that we can easily lose everything in one solar-like flash: if a major city goes up, the collapse of the world economy will send millions into poverty. You think job losses were bad after two skyscrapers come down? Try watching the worldwide depression that occurs if the world's most powerful economy goes up in one horrible mushroom cloud."

"But many do not see things in these terms. They are lost in some childhood fantasy that their every need will be taken care of by Government, they are too busy worrying about Martha Stewart's cell and J-Lo's latest to worry about a little thing like our survival. Our media, leftist politicians, and celebrity culture still have many of our fellow citizens in collective denial about the danger we are really in."

Read the post here.

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