Friday, August 20, 2004

And now, books are under attack

UPDATE: More by Considerettes on the Kerry ban the book campaign. Mr. Payton et al, have a very lucid post on the flagrant double standards involved.

"The left is coming unhinged, and the press is doing their utmost to bury, spin and/or ignore the bad news unlike they ever have before. Well, let me qualify that. They might have done it this blatantly before, but they didn't have the blogosphere to contend with in the past as the do in this election cycle. "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one", goes the old saying. But now, for a pittance, anyone can own a digital press."

Considerettes on the Kerry camp wanting to ban books. Imagine-- it's now an acceptable idea to consider banning books that some people don't like. Am I missing something, or isn't that a fascist ideal? Scroll down a bit and read his post.

You know, that just goes right along with what my post on the what's being taught in our classrooms. Disgusting!

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