Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Almost there

I have received a few emails asking me when Part Three of my observations on anti Americanism will make it's appearance. That will happen later today. I wanted to post yesterday, but I just couldn't focus enough to write

Being new to the blogsphere (this is the first time I've actually used that term), I'm amazed that some of my fellow bloggers actually read what I write! I guess the newness of it all hasn't worn off yet.

I would be less than honest if I didn't credit many of you on the Homespun roster. I read blogs differently now-- your blog posts are no longer something I'm detached from. I can honestly say I'm just a little bit more involved and better informed. Reading my associates semi pro blogs on a regular basis seems to polish my views and helps sharpen my acuity and awareness of the things that matter to me-- and that has helped me write. Most of you are far better writers than I am. Thanks to all of you for helping me raise my own bar.

Happy Birthday, MrMinority. Many, many more.

Wandering Mind

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